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How Many Times Do I Have To Say “I’m Back!!!”?

I’m back (again)!

I keep on saying I’m back, I’m back because as you know, I’ve been absent for weeks here on my EjomLexus blog. Actually, it came to my thought to say good bye to you guys but I guess it would be so hard to leave something that you want to do (if only you have time).

Honestly, I miss blogging now. As in I terribly miss writing stuff about everything in my life. I didn’t get a chance to write because I moved to a place where I have no computer. What I mean is that I’m no longer living with my parents in Manila where I could log-in to my blog anytime, anywhere with my laptop or desktop. I already live in Antipolo City together with my boyfriend and his family. And since he has no laptop, I merely got a chance to check my facebook account or, as I’ve said, write to a blog.

If you’re gonna ask me how’s my life? Well, first, I’m no longer a Team Leader on my account. Nope, I didn’t get dethroned but they transferred me to another company project, which is all about Marketing.

Actually, I didn’t know anything about marketing, that’s why I kept on wondering why did they throw me here like a piece of paper. Well, I’m clueless. All I know is that, they need people here and they chose me.

Second, my love life is okay. But as usual, there are tests…as in LOTS OF TESTS. But thank God patience and chances were invented, that’s why I could still breathe until now without the heartaches.

Lastly, my family is okay. They already met my boyfriend personally. And another Thank God because there were no arguments happened.

Well, I’ll try to keep you posted this time now. But, unfortunately, no games updates at the moment. Probably, you’ll see more Android OS reviews in the next posts since I’m buying new phones this May.

Let keep our hopes high to revive my dead blog. RAWR!



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