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Something That Inspires Me to Become a Model

I have an idea of pursuing my dream to become a ramp model now. I got inspired again because of a fashion website I kept on looking the past few weeks.

The website is called “The Fashionisto”

As I’ve said, it’s a cool fashion website with lots of pictures of male models from different parts of the world.  You know, more like a photo album of all the male models.

I got inspired because I see male model of my size are still in in the fashion world. I thought my body type is not in the trend anymore because there are lots of bulky-muscled guy in the competition here in thePhilippines. Add to that the Brazilians who found their way here to earn money through modeling and show business.

Well, I can’t blame the endorsers and other people to choose foreign models. People would really prefer to see foreign models rather than those of their own kind in different endorsements and stuffs.

Anyways, back to the website, you may visit them at and let your eyes swell in the beautiful world of male fashion models.

Let me know too if I am really “In” into this stuff. Thanks!



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