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Another Monthsary (The Fourth One)

It was raining hard here inManilayesterday. According to the news, there would be a typhoon approaching today and will land fall somewhere inLuzonby tomorrow.

Thus, I kept my umbrella handy and my jacket somewhat prepared just in case everything will get worse.

Well, the 28th of this month is coming again. And that means my hubby’s monthsary is getting closer too. I’m in the mode right now of thinking of the best gift I could give to him for this month. I would love to give something again so special that can remind of the good and romantic things he did to me.

Actually, for him, it’s not a big deal to celebrate the said date because practically speaking he doesn’t want me to bother in buying stuffs since it’s out of our crazy budget. For me, though, it’s a great day to remember, because that’s day where I finally found the one I’m praying for – and that’s him.

Usually, I give him love letters and buy him his favorite food. This time I want give him more than that.

Of course, I want to save the best in our anniversary. But right now, I simply want to make him feel that he’s so very special to me, although I make sure that everydays are special days for us.

Later, I’ll be going to the mall and check what’s the best. If don’t see anything still, I’ll go ahead for plan B – something personalized. 🙂

I hope this would work, so wish my luck kiddies!



2 responses

  1. Jeanne

    heeey. i just want 2 ask wats ur plan for ur anniv. gift for him? i nid advices kasi our anniv is fast approaching. hehe. just wanted 2 know ur opinion.

    27/05/2011 at 9:18 PM

    • I remember when he told me that he wants to go to Enchanted Kingdom, coz he’s never been there. So probably, I’ll bring him there.

      And since he loves his mom so much, I’ll treat his Mom too even though that day is supposedly just for two of us.

      That’s the possible way I could tickle his heart on our special day.

      27/05/2011 at 11:12 PM

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