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Friday Sickness Plus The Lazy Song

Good morning, world! ~

I felt a lil bit bad today and don’t fee like working because of the disappointments yesterday. I was with my mom over the phone last night, talking about the expenses at home. I blamed the world again because it’s all me “again” who needs to deal with all the stuff – and everyone knows how BS is that to shoulder big expenses at home without a help from anyone.

To tell you what, the current home expenses I’m talking about would eat 90% of my salary, leaving just my food allowance for the next payroll cut-off. Thus, that kills my plans for this week.

Unfortunately, I really have to face this alone because my younger brother has no source of income during summer. You know, no school days, no salary for the teachers. And my lil sister is just on her way to find a decent job. I hope she could find a better job so she could start helping me deal with the household stuff even though I don’t live there anymore.

But yeah, as I’ve said, I have to deal with this myself… probably, just for now. *breathe-in, breathe-out*

And since, I feel so lazy to face the world today, here’s the song that fits my mood…I guess.

Well, it’s a feel good music from Bruno Mars for all those lazy people, like me, out there.

See you around, Kiddies!



3 responses

  1. lol sucks to be you

    but youre right, nothing lasts forever 😀 this probably blew out just fine?

    11/06/2011 at 9:03 PM

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