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FlyFF PH v17 — When Do You Think?

I’m back in gaming, kiddies. But just for now.  I got a chance to visit my PC here at my home in Manila because I’ve got to see my parents and face some of my obligation in which I mentioned in my previous post.

Anyways, I just revisited the Flyff Level Up Game site, and noticed that they have not updated the game to v17 yet.  As far I remember v17 has been released a couple of months ago in the international server, which is hosted by GPotato, and it is now being enjoyed by many players including the PH gamers who moved because of the boredom in the local Flyff.

Well, during the v16’s much awaiting release, it took Level Up Games several promises before they were able to release the said version. Then, it rained bugs and technical difficulties during the first month (which were forgivable) and the forum was inaccessible to the gamers who has complaints and concerns.

Well, I hope it would not happen to v17.

What’s with v17 anyway?

Click Click Click

Well, in the international account it is called V17: Champions of Madrigal. I’m not sure if they’re going to revise it in the FlyFF PH.

Updates are more like focused again to the new continent, dungeons, skills, armors, coliseum and quests. Add to that the increase in the level cap and the improved element graphics.

For you to find out more, you may click this link, kiddies.

Hope to see you again on the next update!



2 responses

  1. LU never changed it always takes a LLLLLLLONNNNG time before they actually release the patch they’ve already teased to their audience.

    31/05/2011 at 5:12 PM

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