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Customer Service Chat: Don’t Try To Ask Me For A Question

I was checking an organic food website just to quench my craving for noodles when a pop-up chat thing appeared on the bottom right part of the site asking me if I needed some assistance. Of course, as a computer savvy kiddo, I no longer need help if I’m just browsing any site, because I know how to navigate. Nevertheless, if I have some orders to make and I need to know some blah blah blah that’s the time I would ask for a customer service.

But this one, it seems that they’re really asking for pain.

When I did this, I meant no harm to the customer service agent. I just simply wanted to test her answering skills since she provoked me to ask questions.

You judge if she passes my test…

/evil laugh!

The small boxes below are our conversation. If you can’t read it, just click ‘continue reading’ and you’ll see typed version. Enjoy reading.

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Featured Site #2

On checklist:

I’m done with Bryanboy’s blog. Everyone from the fashion industry knows him already for his wonderful reviews, of course, about fashion.

I’m also done with my Tyrene’s The Ellis Effect site. I featured some of her make-up artistry works that made you guys mesmerized. Click here to revisit.

Next I’m gonna feature is…Rakee’s blog. Yipee!

Yeah, that’s her Blog name. And it’s more like about us – you know, we certainly love eating and gaming. And both are really addicting (I bet you all agree), especially when we’re doing both at the same time.

Rakee’s blog is very simple yet elucidative. I always visit it to know what’s on her dinning table every day, plus, I get to know what’s happening to her life as a gamer too – she’s a fan of Perfect World, one of my favorite MMORPG.

Aside from that, what I love about her blog are the DISCOUNTS AND FREEBIES!

She’s not giving away anything, though. She just always features websites that give away coupon codes and discounts for food and everything, and restaurant updates as well, which is very helpful for me as a resto digger. In fact, it was on her blog where I found out that Max’s Chicken-All-You-Can is back. And that makes me go want to go out of the office right now and hell go to Max’s restaurant to dig in some delicious fried chicken. Har Har Har!

Anyways, speaking of chicken, I believe she’s also a good cook. Check this Chicken Aloha recipe all made by her.

And another chicken, chicken mushroom

Now, this makes me hungry. I guess, that’s it… visit her blog at

See you all!


Guilty Gear X2: Testament Combo

Guilty Gear Testament

I’m still addicted to Guilty Gear until now. Whenever I go to TimeZone amusement park I’ll never leave the place without playing Guilty Gear.

Of course, I use my favorite character Testament to pwn the game. Challengers have no match for me. My secret? This combo guide:

Well, this video became my bible for Testment’s ground and aerial combo. It’s a bit hard and you need more of practice to perfect it, but with a little patience and sense of pick up with the control buttons, I know, for sure, that you’ll do better than the combos you’ve seen in the video.

There’s no need to know the kick & punch orders to get the combo right. You’ll just need to know the perfect timing where to hit and run and hit again. Check the video again and you’ll see what I mean. But yeah, I’ll try to provide some moves when I get back to this game.


I’ll Give Up

You know how much I need you everyday
If that every day is being stolen from me
I need to fight for it
I need to let everything stay for the two of us

And when the night you’ve already given up
I’m here to let you go from my arms
Just to keep you happy
Just to make you follow whatever is in your heart

Tomorrow, I’d probably die
I had to leave you in the way I needed to.
You’re no longer happy by my side
You no longer love me just the way you used to give your heart

I swear one day I’ll get you back
And on that time, my heart is changed
It’s hard for me to do this first step
It’s hard to let go someone who makes me whole all the time

If loving you means hurting you
Then I’m here, willing to make the sacrifice
I used to cry in whole my life
What’s new in my life if I’d cry again until I die

I love you so much
That I gave you all I have
I’m not counting anything from you
But I started putting numbers in the days I’d stay with you

Now, if you’d say you love again
I’m willing to come back
I’ll let go of my pain
I’ll let go of the past just for us to start all over again

Thank you for making me feel this way
Thank you for letting me know that I have my own way
And I have to start again,
Even though I just started my life yesterday

No more crazy whines
No more tasty wines
I’ll just do this for you and myself
So everything would be fine.

Edge Of Glory: I Love The Song, But Not The Video

Speaking of Lady Gaga, I don’t understand why her “Edge of Glory” video doesn’t have an impact to all the people I asked. I find it a bit not worthy for that wonderful song. I was actually expecting weirder than “Judas” and “Born This Way” – or something that would define the meaning of “Edge of Glory.” But the video doesn’t really just nailed it.

Well, thanks to Lady Gaga, though, lots of people became interested on interpreting her songs, you know, to find the deeper meaning of the lyrics. People have started asking why did Gaga mention this on her lyrics. Why did Gaga write something about a person but the deeper meaning is different from what I understand? Then, these meaning-seekers will start searching for answers on the net just to satisfy their cravings.

Anyways, just as I said on my Twitter, I love the song but not the Video.

Here’s the video Edge Of Glory, from Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Album…


My Hair: I’m Free As My Hair!

I’m not sure why I’m crying on Lady Gaga’s “Hair” video. Probably, it’s what my heart has been crying for – I want to be free, I just want to be me. Because of that, I have memorized the song and its chord; I will play it once my fingers get a chance to reunite with a piano or guitar. Here’s the version I got inspired of..


PS. I’m planning to cut my hair soon. I’m just checking the best style that would fit my recent personality.

Captain America…err…Trailer…err!

The first thing that got into my mind this another beautiful morning was to get on the floor and do some push-ups. I wanted to do this routine every day because I need to put on some weight and muscles; but not until I’ve seen this trailer. Watch watch watch!

To be perfectly honest, I want that freaking machine that makes Chris Evan’s body so…uhhrrgg…yummy well-built.

I want that thing in my room now! (As in right now!)

This makes me want to see the movie. Yeah, I want to see this movie. And for sure, Andrei would love to see it with me too. I will just wait for it and I’ll buy ticket in advance. Har har har!