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3 Days Without My Cellphone (Day 1)

It’s not that I lost my phone or something, but I really have to do this for some self-control reasons.

Recently, I have this feeling of being depressed, and I want to talk to somebody else just to vent everything out. But unfortunately, there’s no one available except for my boyfriend’s mother, Mama Daisy. She is a good listener. In fact, I shared most of my problems to her including my problem about this son :-P. I heard her words of encouragement which make me somewhat feel good, however, I believe there’s still something wrong and I bothers me 24/5. And I think I’m getting obsessed with her son.

In the articles I just read in the internet about depression and obsession, it says that I should feel lucky because I have discovered this problem before it get worse. And, yeah, I’m glad that I discovered it in its early stage.

So what’s the connection of the “No cell phone” stuff with my dilemma?

Click Click Click!

Well, I know it sounds complicated when I said I need someone to talk to but I parked mobile phone for a while to make this depression temporarily disappear in my life. Here’s how it is, though.

My phone is one of the reasons why I got depressed. I kept checking it every now and then just to see if my boyfriend sends me a text or if he updates his Facebook. If I see no text, I get sad. If I see Facebook updated but no text from him, I get more sad.

We don’t have relationship problems or anything you may think of like a quarrel or something. It’s just that I hate it when he’s trying to make me miss him or make himself miss me (or both) by not having communication with each other.

Well, it’s good because he always wants our love to be fresh and feel like new. It’s good because I know that he loves me and he doesn’t want to get sick and tired of me. It’s good because I found out that he’s doing something to make our relationship work. But the thing is, my emotional nutshell think it’s different. I always look for him when does his “Miss-Me” game.

So I thought of the possible way to make this “thing” disappear or at least reduce the pain. Hence, I come up with this “No Cell phone days.”

It may seem to be difficult for you guys, because mobile phones are already part of our life. But for me, it was a big help. Besides, it’s just temporary and I’m not planning to let go of my phone every time I don’t see my boyfriend during work days.

So, what happened to my day 1?

Well, it was a funny experience because I kept on wondering what’s happening to my phone, instead of thinking of my boyfriend. Haha!

I was in the mode where I thought there’s something always missing in me. Like I check on my bag, my giant purse and my pockets.

And when I was riding a bus, I found out how noisy the crowd is because I don’t have my phone’s MP3 feature clog into my ears.

I also miss accessing Facebook on that day.

To make it short, my mind was diverted to other stuff, which is a big help for me. I actually found myself smiling because of the accomplishment of not touching my phone for a day.

Of course, I checked on it immediately when I got home. You know, just to see if there were important matters I missed during the whole day. And luckily, there’s none – what should I expect?

But here’s one thing, I saw a text from my hubby saying…

“I miss you!”

And I was like…”aahhhh! Cloud nine!”



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  1. Orange county property

    Interesting post really.It all depends on each individual`s obsession with something.Anyways nice experience you have had.

    03/06/2011 at 3:38 PM

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