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3 Days Without My Cellphone (Day 2)

Yipee! What a successful second day!

I didn’t know that I would survive another day without touching my phone. Of course, I have no choice because I left it at home. I didn’t mind whether the texts that are coming were important or not. It’s just I don’t want to see my phone until this self challenge is over.

My boyfriend wonders. His Mom wonders. Everybody around me wonders. Actually, even myself wonders – why am I doing this really? The only thing that comes into my mind right now is that I’m happy that I’m doing a great job on this do-it-myself anti-depression stuff – and it’s almost done!

When I started doing this, good result comes along the way. I manage to eat right, read the book that was lend to me by Annie Dio – yeah, the Eat. Pray. Love book – and I also had time to pray to God about this feelings that bothers me a lot.

It also pushed me to have bonding time with the sun. I just felt right warm during that morning when I was on my way to the office. And I needed that to energize my soul.

However, when I was on the way home, heavy traffic almost ruined my day. I spent 3 hours of my time just sitting inside the jeepney, doing nothing but to check my face on the jeep’s side mirror. Good thing, my thoughts didn’t run somewhere else. I just murmur a prayer so that I can divert my attention and also to ask God to make the traffic do no harm to me.

Anyways, the next day is just a sleep ahead. I hope everything would go fine for me…and for every one I love.

I believe it would.




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