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Flyff PH – The New Official Site Look

Flyff PH (LevelUp) has finally updated its awkward-looking website. And, yeah, I think they are so much alive right now.

Well, to tell you what, I got bored waiting for it, which is why I just lately noticed its new look. Actually, it was just yesterday when I saw it.

Surprisingly, I see lots of changes – the blogs & news are updated, links that I cannot access are now working, web design is exquisite? – and everyone should agree that the current look is very eye-catching. Although the website design update was not as big as, should I say, what everyone is expecting, still the Level Up did a great job on this one.




PS. I’m still waiting for the Flyff v17 update. RAWR!


One response

  1. hemp

    ………………………………….moodlightshelfmoodlightshelf….Have you realized that there is just a few items in a home that cannot really be updated.

    05/07/2011 at 10:43 AM

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