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Bye Bye: Flyff World Championship Prizes!

Flyff PH can’t compete to the Flyff World Championship because, obviously, we’re still in Flyff V16 while every one around the world is already enjoying v17. Announcement was made today, June 16, on their official website blog.

Sad to say, people who pushed their characters to be the toughest fighter in Flyff PH can’t do anything but to sigh.

According to Level Up, one of the reasons of not joining is the financial incapability to pay the joining fee – which is I don’t know how much – of the said event.

They promised the Flyffers, though, that they will bring to us the V17 as soon as possible.

Well, what’s with the World  Championship and we go after it?

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Here are the Prices:

  • 1st Placewill be receiving US$50,000 in cash, plus a US$20,000 all-expense paid trip for the wning team to visit gStar and Gala-Lab inKorea.
  • 2nd Placewill be receiving US$20,000 in cash.
  • 3rd Placewill be receiving US$10,000 in cash.

All-in-all $100,000 is going to be given away! But wait that doesn’t stop there! There will be gift item will be given too, and here they are:

  • 1st Placewill be receiving an FWC Champion Armor Set.
  • 2nd Placeand3rd Placewill receive a FWC Armor Set.
  • Each of the participating teams in the tournament will be receiving any ultimate weapon of their choice.

See the prices that we missed? But don’t worry, PH kiddies, we still have next year. Just stay focused on training your characters.



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