Lyrics and Poetry

I’ll Give Up

You know how much I need you everyday
If that every day is being stolen from me
I need to fight for it
I need to let everything stay for the two of us

And when the night you’ve already given up
I’m here to let you go from my arms
Just to keep you happy
Just to make you follow whatever is in your heart

Tomorrow, I’d probably die
I had to leave you in the way I needed to.
You’re no longer happy by my side
You no longer love me just the way you used to give your heart

I swear one day I’ll get you back
And on that time, my heart is changed
It’s hard for me to do this first step
It’s hard to let go someone who makes me whole all the time

If loving you means hurting you
Then I’m here, willing to make the sacrifice
I used to cry in whole my life
What’s new in my life if I’d cry again until I die

I love you so much
That I gave you all I have
I’m not counting anything from you
But I started putting numbers in the days I’d stay with you

Now, if you’d say you love again
I’m willing to come back
I’ll let go of my pain
I’ll let go of the past just for us to start all over again

Thank you for making me feel this way
Thank you for letting me know that I have my own way
And I have to start again,
Even though I just started my life yesterday

No more crazy whines
No more tasty wines
I’ll just do this for you and myself
So everything would be fine.


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