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Guilty Gear X2: Testament Combo

Guilty Gear Testament

I’m still addicted to Guilty Gear until now. Whenever I go to TimeZone amusement park I’ll never leave the place without playing Guilty Gear.

Of course, I use my favorite character Testament to pwn the game. Challengers have no match for me. My secret? This combo guide:

Well, this video became my bible for Testment’s ground and aerial combo. It’s a bit hard and you need more of practice to perfect it, but with a little patience and sense of pick up with the control buttons, I know, for sure, that you’ll do better than the combos you’ve seen in the video.

There’s no need to know the kick & punch orders to get the combo right. You’ll just need to know the perfect timing where to hit and run and hit again. Check the video again and you’ll see what I mean. But yeah, I’ll try to provide some moves when I get back to this game.



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