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Featured Site #2

On checklist:

I’m done with Bryanboy’s blog. Everyone from the fashion industry knows him already for his wonderful reviews, of course, about fashion.

I’m also done with my Tyrene’s The Ellis Effect site. I featured some of her make-up artistry works that made you guys mesmerized. Click here to revisit.

Next I’m gonna feature is…Rakee’s blog. Yipee!

Yeah, that’s her Blog name. And it’s more like about us – you know, we certainly love eating and gaming. And both are really addicting (I bet you all agree), especially when we’re doing both at the same time.

Rakee’s blog is very simple yet elucidative. I always visit it to know what’s on her dinning table every day, plus, I get to know what’s happening to her life as a gamer too – she’s a fan of Perfect World, one of my favorite MMORPG.

Aside from that, what I love about her blog are the DISCOUNTS AND FREEBIES!

She’s not giving away anything, though. She just always features websites that give away coupon codes and discounts for food and everything, and restaurant updates as well, which is very helpful for me as a resto digger. In fact, it was on her blog where I found out that Max’s Chicken-All-You-Can is back. And that makes me go want to go out of the office right now and hell go to Max’s restaurant to dig in some delicious fried chicken. Har Har Har!

Anyways, speaking of chicken, I believe she’s also a good cook. Check this Chicken Aloha recipe all made by her.

And another chicken, chicken mushroom

Now, this makes me hungry. I guess, that’s it… visit her blog at

See you all!



One response

  1. Thanks so much F! I appreciate it! Love you and your blog, you’re one of those who inspired me to create my own (kidding aside :P)

    07/07/2011 at 1:30 PM

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