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Customer Service Chat: Don’t Try To Ask Me For A Question

I was checking an organic food website just to quench my craving for noodles when a pop-up chat thing appeared on the bottom right part of the site asking me if I needed some assistance. Of course, as a computer savvy kiddo, I no longer need help if I’m just browsing any site, because I know how to navigate. Nevertheless, if I have some orders to make and I need to know some blah blah blah that’s the time I would ask for a customer service.

But this one, it seems that they’re really asking for pain.

When I did this, I meant no harm to the customer service agent. I just simply wanted to test her answering skills since she provoked me to ask questions.

You judge if she passes my test…

/evil laugh!

The small boxes below are our conversation. If you can’t read it, just click ‘continue reading’ and you’ll see typed version. Enjoy reading.

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Shiela (agent):   hi, how can we help you today? =)

Me: che!

Shiela (agent):   can we answer any question for you?

Me: sure. When was Osama Bin Laden Born?

Shiela (agent):   I mean any questions about our website or Miracle Noodle 🙂

Me: I see. What it is made of?

(after few minutes)

Me: see? You can’t even answer what your noodles are made of…that’s why I prefer you to answer my first question, it’s easier.

Shiela (agent):   The three ingredients of our shirataki noodles are Glucomannan, which is soluble fiber extracted plant called Konnyaku Imo, water and calcium additive. This calcium additive is added to the noodles to keep their shape intact. This is a food grade calcium additive known as pickling lime or calcium hydroxide. The noodles contain no soy, tofu, gluten/casein, legume or gluten

Me: oh there. Is there an English term for Konnyaku Imo?

Shiela (agent):   basically the root of a Japanese plant

Me: I see.. but there are other Japanese plant that is called…uhmm…

Shiela (agent):   it is the same family as the yam which is 100% natural dietary fiber without the calories.

Me: resveratrol. Is it the same

Shiela (agent):   I am not sure of that. If you would like to leave your email address we can send you an email with that information.. /faq

Me: But you said you want to answer my question. Now I’m sad

Shiela (agent): is a site which answers many asked questions

Me: I’ve been there

Shiela (agent): are you looking for the name of a different Japanese plant?

Me: yeah like the yamaimo or sometimes they call it nagaimo

Shiela (agent): that is very interesting

Me: In fact, I know its scientific name. Dioscorea opposite. I wonder you’re making noodles out of that. I heard that plant from the movie Pokemon

Shiela (agent): very interesting! Is there anything else I can help you with?

Me: well, that’s a serious one. Actually, that’s from episode #12 “Noodles! Roamin’ Off” – that’s the title. So I got interested, and I google that thing. And it diverted me to your website.

Shiela (agent): thank you for visiting our site.

Me: boo… you’re offering a hand, but you can’t give me your finger.

Shiela (agent): Thank you for contacting us. Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to join us on chat again. Have a nice day. Bye!

Shiela has left


There you go, I guess Shiela regret that moment when she asked me. Lolz


One response

  1. Ohhhhkay…typical agent who relies on templates. She kept on saying “interesting” but she doesn’t seem to be interested talking to you lol

    07/07/2011 at 1:27 PM

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