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Flyff Experience Blast Plus FWC Website Live!

Hi Flyff Kiddies!

The Exp blast of Flyff PH is still up and running. All of us can still the feel the breeze of the not so galore exp blast until August 3. Hopefully, though, they could extend it like forever, because we want to prepare ourselves for Flyff V17. Har har har! But no worries! I bet Level up is up to something special this coming August. And for sure, there are lot more experience blast this coming August, especially it’s the “Buwan Ng Wika” for us Filipinos. Well, to Level Up, just don’t give us “Fita” again, okay?

Anyways, Flyff World Championship website is now live! Yep,.we can now see the live updates from what’s happening to the international gamers’ competition through their website. Just visit them at and check what’s new.

By the way, the competition starts this first week of July until the second week of October. Participating teams are already announced, and they are coming from Korea, Germany, France, USA, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela.

Yeah, I know it’s sad that we’re not part of it. But, still, I have my hopes high that next year will be a good year for Flyff PH, and I pray that we can compete during those times already. Right now, let’s enjoy watching the other teams first.

Enjoy playing and reading, RAWR!



One response

  1. wheresyourmama

    you have your account in the US server active, right? You should have joined us in our team.

    01/07/2011 at 12:18 PM

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