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Fourth of July In Disney

It’s every kid’s dream to visit, and stay inside, Disneyland. I, myself, dream of that dream too.

In fact, I imagine how it feels to be there on Christmas, during my birthday, holidays, etc — will there be fireworks at night when I visit there or will I get to see Mickey Mouse and his friends in parade? Or, will I get to see the famous Disney Castle?

Those things come into my mind when I think about Disney Land.

Well, there’s nothing wrong in day dreaming. My hopes are still high that someday I would be able to afford to be there to meet the whole Disney Family and find lots of hidden Mickey.

As of the moment, I’ll just enjoy imagining myself inside the beautiful amusement park. Besides, the amusement park is just an imitation of the fanstasy world. It’s more magical when it just stays in mind.

(Uhm, that’s probably my excuse. Tee hee hee!)

Anyways, it’s already the fourth of July. All the people in the States are now celebrating their Independence day. Therefore, they go here and there where the fun never stop.

I mentioned Disney Land because I got curious how it really feels like to be there during this American  holiday.

That’s why I swept Youtube to find something more relevant to what I’m looking for. And here what I got from Mouseinfo…

I got mesmerized, of course. And I was able to experience the fun in this simple video.

I guess I really have to push myself to work hard in order for me to watch this beautiful fireworks display live. RAWR!

But enough dreaming for now…got to back to work., ha!



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