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Customer Service Chat: Bot Means Scam!

Last time kiddies, we bullied a noodle company and tested them if their customer care rep has this thing called ‘patience’ while talking to an undesirable customer – that’s me. Lol. This time a “scam” website is trying to get the hell out of me. Unfortunately for them I know how to play deal with scam their kind, therefore, I gave them a chance.

What am I doing in a scam site, by the way? Well, let’s just say its part of my work to view their site. It just so happened that the chat popped-up again and they were offering me hell help, that’s why I played with them. Tee hee hee!

Here’s my conversation with them, check it out:

Sadly, she’s a bot. The fun stops there. But still I continued the bullying. I’ll try to make this machine bleed gasoline. Har har har!

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But of course since Julia is a bot, I expected she’s gonna give me canned responses. Observe when I mentioned “Hi!”, she just repeated what she had said a while a go. This is another proof that this site is a scam bag.

Another hint, she giving me lots of irrelative answers to my questions. Bot was not that smart at all, ei. Well, what do I expect again?

And since the robot doesn’t know how to get tired answering my non-sense question, my plan to give Julia a gasoline hemorrhage didn’t work, so I decided to quit the chat without saying bye bye!

Anyway, just a few hints, kiddies: don’t you ever click on those links on such chats and sites. They contain malware. And when you say malware, it means trouble. So if ever you encountered such site, just ignore them and get your ass of out their site, okay?

That’s all from now!



One response

  1. drei

    good job! Like!

    10/07/2011 at 6:38 AM

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