Lyrics and Poetry

Chama… Chama… Chama… Chama… Chama… Chameleon!

I don’t know what’s with Chameleon these days and it seems like they are becoming the earth’s popular animal species.

How come did I say that?

Simple! I see chameleon every where!

Well, I don’t think it’s the chameleon-is-an-endangered-species-animal-awareness-year but it seems that this tiny lizard’s cuteness is getting the audience favor.

People make them as pets, marketing are using for their campaigns, and cartoons and movies use them as the hero or side-kick.

In fact, even the world MMORPG’s use them as a character of fun.

And, one of the hottest band I know name their group after a chameleon, and they are the Chameleon Circuit!


Actually, I’m starting to love Chameleon too, especially Rango. I just saw this fabulous movie through DVD last week, and it was a very cool…err…hot one. I regret that I missed this on cinemas. But then, yeah, right now I declare myself as a fan of mi amigo, although I know I’m a bit late. Haha!

On the other hand, as far as the Wildlife Protection is concerned, I don’t think chameleons are already endangered and illegal to become pets. But as much as I wanted to own one, I don’t want to bother these tiny lil amphibians…err…reptiles (whatever!) life in the wild. Besides, I think they are pretty much expensive compare to the usual lizards available in the market. And also, I don’t want to hunt grasshoppers, mantis, crickets or any type of insect just to feed the cute little lizard. I don’t know how sensitive they are too.

But still, I love chameleon!

Hmmm…I guess that’s it. I’m outta here!



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