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I don’t Want To Go From China To Taiwan! Why?

Everybody wants to travel, right?

Of course, I would say yes. But, personally, before I head towards my destination, I check first the things I need to bring: the money for the travel, clothes, food and if I never been to my destination I browse the place’s map and try to remember some landmarks, so in case I get lost I know where to go and ask for help.

But here’s my real question: what if there’s something wrong with the map? Will you be still willing to go or you’ll go ahead and will just trust your instinct?

Well, I ask that because I encountered one crazy map instruction from Google Maps.

The destination? China to Taiwan.

Click Click Click!

The instruction is clear from one step to another. Although there are Chinese characters on the instructions, you’d still be able to get what it says. But the thing I’ve been nagging about is this…

When you go to Google Maps, search China to Taiwan. From there you’d see steps 1 to 69. Read it one by one until you get to step number 48, and you’ll see…

See? F*ck the hell! Is the instruction serious? Who would want to swim across the Pacific Ocean?

Well, whoever made this…this is funny. Lolz But you go to hell dude. :-p


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