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Swim, Kayak & Jet-Ski Across The Pacific Ocean

I think I smell a goof-ass inside Google’s company. Well, it’s because of the funny map directions that I posted yesterday – Yeah the “I don’t want to travel from China to Taiwan.”

The term “Swim Across the Pacific Ocean” doesn’t just apply to China to Taiwan. In fact, we saw more of these when my friends and I started searching travel instructions on Google Maps from China to other country destination.

Here is what we found: (click the images for full-view)

ChinatoAustralia:  Step 61

Chinato US:


I tried searching to Google Maps the directions to other destinations like from Philippines to Taiwan or Singapore to Brunei or India to Sri Lanka and even from Ireland to UK, everything seems to be fine. But from China to other destination – that will pass through the Pacific Ocean– someone I guess is making it hilarious. I mean, who in the hell will instruct people to Kayak or Jet Ski across the Pacific Ocean? Only a person who has crazy bone can do that.

Well, I can’t do anything to change it. For me, I found it funny and it gets my behind laughing out loud. You guys you should try it too! If you found anything funnier that these, just let me know.


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