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Customer Service Chat: Male Enhancement Customer Care Rep Picture

All of a sudden, pop-up chats became my favorite stress reliever. I don’t care if I’m talking to a bot or a human, as long as I can bully them – for a good purpose – that’s fine with me.

Well, I was just trying to test their patience, you know. I ain’t really doing this just for fun. Of course, as a customer, I wanted to be politely treated. I don’t BS when I’m asking about their product or company. Haha!

By the way, another scam bag is trying to hook me on their lure. I was about to exit this website (since it is an undesirable one) but another pop-up chat came out offering me another hell help.

Click Click Click to continue reading

I’m PRETENDING to be interested. I wasn’t really buying. Who needs a male enhancer, duh?

I asked her twice just to know if she’s gonna give me the same canned response, but I guess she’s a well-trained bot.

She answered my question with their canned response. Therefore, she was really a bot.

I’m just making fun there…don’t take it seriously.

The robotic agent is kind — designed to assist customer by giving away discount. But still don’t fall for that “click here” buttons. Surely, it can menace to your machine. RAWR!



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