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Top Women On The World Wide Web…Lolz

This month, FHM- Philippines has already announced their 100 sexiest women. I don’t know the criteria they used but it seems that some fat ladies were still able to get into the top notch even though their cellulites and fatty-bellies were flaunting in everywhere in the FHM stage.

On the other hand, Rihanna has kicked out Lady Gaga from her “Most Liked Female Artist” throne on facebook by hitting, I don’t know exactly, more than 300,000 likes apart from each other. In my opinion, perhaps the S&M made this victory for Rihanna.

Anyway, speaking of the top women, I just received a cool text message from my friend about the most popular women being searched in the world wide web (based on the results from Google). And according to my friend’s text instructions, you’ll find out the result when you search the word “top 50 most popular woman in the web” on Google search engine, and click the first result, then check who at number 7.

So, I gave it try and here’s what I found out!

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Oh! Forgive me, BABY! What the *toooooot*? What in the hell is Justing Bieber doing in this page?

LOLz. I don’t want to say anything about this  Haha! But it definitely headshot me with a goofball. I mean who in the hell would put Justine Bieber in the list?

Kudos for this one.

Find out yourself, Try to google it! Hahaha!



One response

  1. liac333

    LOL! Kind of saw it coming.
    I love your blog, btw.

    06/08/2011 at 3:19 PM

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