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Where’s Your Galaxy Tab?

Some people were asking me, “Do you already have Galaxy Tab (P1000)?”

I say, Nope I don’t have one, but soon yes. In fact, I have already completed the requirements for my plan subscription. I just need to get the approval from Smart Telecom, so I can start navigating my much awaiting gadget for 2011.

I am bit late, I know. But, you know me guys, when it comes to gadgets, it takes me months before I could decide whether I’m going to like or not. And right now, I’ve finally decided.

I’m actually planning to bring my friend, Jaypee, with me to claim the Tab, assuming that it’s going to be approved, because I think he’s an expert when it comes to checking gadget glitches and everything. Therefore, I’ll give him the authority to check it before I start navigating everything. Har har har!

Anyways, another friend asked, why can’t I wait for the Galaxy Tab 10.1? Well, I don’t really like it. Like iPad, I put 10.1 second to my list because it’s too big for my everyday bags. I’ll be having hard time to hide it. Plus, 3G version of iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 are quiet too expensive for my tight budget, so that’s why I go with the small but terrible.

Besides, what I’m looking for is something which can play Youtube videos through 3G connection without the need of lots of application. And, also, I wish to access my blog everyday, and I guess Galaxy Tab is capable enough of doing that.

By the way, here’s the short video that convince me to go for Galaxy Tab. Yeah, it’s from stevechippy’s Youtube channel. Watch watch watch!


Yeah, after my Splash Island short vacation post, I’ll let you know if I already have my Galazy Tab with me.

Thanks for reading.



Dri-Dock: Should I Trust You?

Still preparing for our Monday Splash Island experience, and right now I still don’t have underwater camera. Inah (my officemate) says though, she has a Dri-dock pouch for digital cameras so I can use my brother’s digicam.

Well, I don’t know what dri-dock is but I guess this is how it looks like…

If that’s the dri-dock pouch she’s talking about, well, good thing she has it. I just wish I could trust this thing ‘coz I don’t wanna risk my brother’s camera. Hahaha!

I will let you know if effective once I’ve tested it. So good luck!

Right now, I’m still half-excited, half-sad because Drei can’t really go with us due to his damn work. But the tickets are all ready and I have no choice but to go. With or without him. Sigh…

Monday: Splash Island Day

My Team and I just got this deal from

We gonna go swimming and slide-sliding at Splash Island this coming Monday, August 28. I’m excited! Yipee!

Unfortunately, Drei can’t come with us since he has work even during holidays. Sad. It’s supposed to be our 7th month anniversary on Monday. But yeah, just like what he said, there are lot’s of days to come to celebrate our monthly anniversary.

I guess I have no choice but to convince myself to enjoy Monday. Will be posting pictures. 🙂


Gadget Loan Anyone?

I ain’t gonna offer you anything. I’ll make that clear. Hehehe!

Actually, I was searching for cool gadgets yesterday at when I found out that there are loan companies here in the Philippines that offer “no credit card” installment plan for brand new gadgets.

Yep, because before, other than paying in cash, you would really need a credit card to get the gadget you want for low monthly rate (or sometimes, no interest at all). Now, you won’t need it any more. All they require you to do is go through the same process as though you’re applying for a cash loan in banks and other loan companies, wait for the verification, and presto you have you’re gadget.

If you’re gonna ask me though, is it worth it to purchase your gadget through these companies?

Let’s find out.

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Procrastination: Damn LOL!

Procrastination is a great problem for me recently. Although multi-tasking is great and big forte, still can’t rid of doing other things while doing my real thing. (Hope you get my point. Hahaha)

When I write blogs at home, the first thing that always caught my attention is Facebook. Then, after a week, it’s Twitter. And then lately, this website:

It’s called Damn LOL.

Well, Damn LOL is a site full of funny jpeg and gif photos. I browse it almost every time I access my personal computer. Well, it’s addictive especially the photos about the iPhone’s epic fail autocorrect and the Troll guy.

I’ve seen lots of website like this but I guess this is the best one. Although it has some crazy pop-ups, but you can just ignore or block it. Good thing about this site is it’s well updated in the current events, so you can really RFMAO and LOL every time you turn the page.

If you have hilarious photos, you can also submit it so it can be posted there and make the people around the world laugh.

Just an advise if you’re checking the site, make use of you bookmarks. Haha!

That’s all folks!



Random words in my head
I can’t think of the words to write on this paper
Perhaps I need to think about you
And start writing like song-writer

So I jumped in my bed
Grabbed the bottle of rum and glass of ice
I need this to have a little courage
And To have a broken-hearted mind

Coz I fell in love with a guy from Rizal
I got this face right on my mind
And his heartbeat right into my lyrics of the time

I just can’t forget about that guy from Rizal
I miss his love every weekdays that pass
Oh how can I make the weekend last
I can’t wait to see that guy from Rizal

I’m done writing this poem
I’m gonna leave it now under my pillow
So when he comes back at home
He’ll read it all motherf*cking day long

Doesn’t matter if put it in the trash
As long he remembers I’m there for him
I’ll be happy jamming on my own music
And wait for the next weekend

Coz I fell in love with a guy from Rizal
I got his hands inside my heart
And his arms and body in my soul all the time

I just can’t wait to see that guy from Rizal
I miss his love every weekdays that pass
Oh God please this weekend last
I can’t wait to see my Love from Rizal



My Top 5 Lady Gaga Hairstyles

Unfortunately, men can’t wear hair extensions nevertheless if it is a work requirement, or let’s say necessary. But Gaga, given the fact that she’s a woman, I think she’s the most authorized artist in the world to wear all kinds of wigs, extension and any kinds of hair accessories. No wonder why she’s one of the leading fashion icons in the music industry these days.

Many got inspired, of course. You know, lot’s people have now started wearing unusual hair colors and abstract hair styles. But still no one can beat Mother Monster when it comes to unique cuts and trims.

So what are the top 5 Lady Gaga hair style for me?

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