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Lady Gaga’s “Male” Look

Lady Gaga has gone through a lot of issues about her real sexuality. Some people said, she’s a transgendered and some say she’s a She-male.

But even though there are lot’s gossips came out about Lady Gaga’s true identity, they were all proven meretricious.

But what if Lady Gaga was really a male? Can you imagine what she actually looked like?

Well, I got this idea because I got mesmerized when Mother Monster twitted her cover for her single You & I in where she dressed up like a grease-lightning-guy-next-door with a fascinating guy’s wig on.

Most likely, he…er…she looks like her (ex) boyfriend, Luc Carl, the Nebraska boy, in whom they say the You & I single was dedicated.

Kudos for Lady Gaga for his, er, her very masculine look. I’m now really excited to see her new video.

Her video, by the way, will be released on her 1000th tweet.




One response

  1. hotshot bald cop

    Properly stated and with wonderful timing

    30/08/2011 at 2:36 PM

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