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My Top 5 Lady Gaga Hairstyles

Unfortunately, men can’t wear hair extensions nevertheless if it is a work requirement, or let’s say necessary. But Gaga, given the fact that she’s a woman, I think she’s the most authorized artist in the world to wear all kinds of wigs, extension and any kinds of hair accessories. No wonder why she’s one of the leading fashion icons in the music industry these days.

Many got inspired, of course. You know, lot’s people have now started wearing unusual hair colors and abstract hair styles. But still no one can beat Mother Monster when it comes to unique cuts and trims.

So what are the top 5 Lady Gaga hair style for me?

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Top 5
You and I – Gray Hair

There something, something about her hair on this video. Most of the people would look like old or a witch if they wear gray-colored hair, but Gaga looks younger.

Also, I love her fresh country and the less make-up look, it’s very natural. Some say, she looks so pale in this style, but for me it’s very beautiful. Probably, it’s because I’m attracted to light-colored skin people.

Top 4
Poker Face MTV – White Hair

It looks almost the same with the top 5, right? Except Lady Gaga has bangs in this one.

But when the first time I saw Gaga in this look I was really mesmerized. Although the hair volume was made of lots of hair extensions, Gaga still looks very astonishing in this hair style. It not only give highlight to her eyes, but it also emphasis her tan color.

Usually, girls with white hair are being compared to Storm of X-Men. Gaga on this retro look makes her so electronically beautiful yet separated from being the look-a-like of Storm.

Top 3
Speechless (Vevo) – Big Ribbon Wig

Every time I watch Lady Gaga on her video “Speechless” I always remember the cute and cuddly Minnie Mouse. Probably it’s because of the Big ribbon-like wig she put on.

Many people have wondered on this Gaga hairstyle, asking whether the big ribbon is Gaga’s real hair or it was one of her exquisite wigs. Unfortunately, it’s just a wig. Hahaha!

Top 2
Pink Hair On Bazaar Magazine Cover

Pink color is really for girls, and Lady Gaga has proven it with her hair. Although some people say this picture doesn’t really make them say “WOW,” having a pink crowning glory make Lady Gaga more like a hairstyle queen.

I agree that it’s not very unique. We’ve seen it from different artists like Pink, Minaj and Katy Perry. But matching this hair style and color in Lady Gaga’s monster look makes her stand out from all the artist in the music industry.

Top 1
MTV event – Green Hair

Finally! My top choice among all Lady Gaga Hairstyles.

The first time I’ve seen Lady Gaga wore her green wig was on “Hair” performance at Paul O’Grady show. I found it cool but not until I found this picture:

This is Gaga when she attended the MTV Video Music Aid Japan Press Conference at Billboard to promote Japan tourism.

I love the tone she used for her wig and the dash of black/brown highlights on her bangs. It really helps her eye make-up and her skin tone to stand out. This concluded my question of “How does Anuk Su Namun looks when she has green hair?”



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