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Procrastination: Damn LOL!

Procrastination is a great problem for me recently. Although multi-tasking is great and big forte, still can’t rid of doing other things while doing my real thing. (Hope you get my point. Hahaha)

When I write blogs at home, the first thing that always caught my attention is Facebook. Then, after a week, it’s Twitter. And then lately, this website:

It’s called Damn LOL.

Well, Damn LOL is a site full of funny jpeg and gif photos. I browse it almost every time I access my personal computer. Well, it’s addictive especially the photos about the iPhone’s epic fail autocorrect and the Troll guy.

I’ve seen lots of website like this but I guess this is the best one. Although it has some crazy pop-ups, but you can just ignore or block it. Good thing about this site is it’s well updated in the current events, so you can really RFMAO and LOL every time you turn the page.

If you have hilarious photos, you can also submit it so it can be posted there and make the people around the world laugh.

Just an advise if you’re checking the site, make use of you bookmarks. Haha!

That’s all folks!



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