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Where’s Your Galaxy Tab?

Some people were asking me, “Do you already have Galaxy Tab (P1000)?”

I say, Nope I don’t have one, but soon yes. In fact, I have already completed the requirements for my plan subscription. I just need to get the approval from Smart Telecom, so I can start navigating my much awaiting gadget for 2011.

I am bit late, I know. But, you know me guys, when it comes to gadgets, it takes me months before I could decide whether I’m going to like or not. And right now, I’ve finally decided.

I’m actually planning to bring my friend, Jaypee, with me to claim the Tab, assuming that it’s going to be approved, because I think he’s an expert when it comes to checking gadget glitches and everything. Therefore, I’ll give him the authority to check it before I start navigating everything. Har har har!

Anyways, another friend asked, why can’t I wait for the Galaxy Tab 10.1? Well, I don’t really like it. Like iPad, I put 10.1 second to my list because it’s too big for my everyday bags. I’ll be having hard time to hide it. Plus, 3G version of iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 are quiet too expensive for my tight budget, so that’s why I go with the small but terrible.

Besides, what I’m looking for is something which can play Youtube videos through 3G connection without the need of lots of application. And, also, I wish to access my blog everyday, and I guess Galaxy Tab is capable enough of doing that.

By the way, here’s the short video that convince me to go for Galaxy Tab. Yeah, it’s from stevechippy’s Youtube channel. Watch watch watch!


Yeah, after my Splash Island short vacation post, I’ll let you know if I already have my Galazy Tab with me.

Thanks for reading.



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