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After The Hibernation

Sorry for the long hibernation! I’ve been so busy in the past few months that’s why my little space here got some dust and cobwebs. Actually, after my Splash Island getaway and Andrei’s birthday, I’ve got a chance to visit some places in Rizal province like Tanay, Taytay and Jala-jala for some business and vacation reasons. I’ve also got a chance to re-visit Enchanted Kingdom on my birthday (last Oct 30th). Thankfully, I have not encountered any stressful moments, although those trips were really tiring because of the travel hours.

On the other hand, Andrei and I are doing well. In fact, by next month we will be celebrating our anniversary, and I am really excited for that. We haven’t talked about any plans as to where are we going celebrate, perhaps we’ll discuss it after Christmas and New Year.

Meanwhile, my Galaxy Tab P1000 dream was actually an epic failed. I wasn’t able to buy it due some priorities, but I’ll have one before Christmas. I have had a change of plan though. I’m going to buy Galaxy Tab P7300 or the one they call Galaxy tab 8.9, instead of P1000. It’s much better in terms of some specs and a bit bigger than the P1000 when it comes to screen size,  although it doesn’t have a call feature. That’s why I’m really excited to buy it. I just hope that my 13th month pay is on its way.

Aside from that, Christmas is very near. Few days from now, it’s the start of the simbang gabi or nine mornings. I still don’t have the money to shop, unfortunately, but budget is all well calculated – I just need to follow it.

And finally, when it comes to my career, I’m still doing well. I’m still with the Marketing people, earning the same salary, and…I miss my Supervisor position, that’s it.

I hope to see you on my next post.



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    24/12/2011 at 9:30 AM

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