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My Top 7 Android Apps

I haven’t had a Galaxy Tab yet, but I think I already know who to navigate it. Thanks to the millions of blogs and reviews, as well as the videos, I’ve seen in the World Wide Web that made me more knowledgeable about my future gadget.

Actually, I already have a list of games and applications to download. I based this on what I’ll need at the time I already have my Galaxy Tab in hand; mostly are for entertainment.

Here is my Top 7:

Number 7 in my list is the ZENONIA® 3

Although the graphics of this game is not really that good, I’m still dang curious about it’s story. Well, I love all MMO’s with cute characters, and most of you know that.

Number 6 is the Bible

I love reading Bible, but I’m always having a hard time bringing the bulky book. Good thing, Tab was invented – thanks to the 10 commandments that inspire its creation. Nyahaha~!

Number 5 is the Fruit Ninja

When I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming a Chef who slice zucchinis and tomatoes in the air with a very sharp knife. I can foresee that this app would make that little childhood dream of mine come true.

I hope this is already included. But if not, I’ll hunt it down inside the android market!

Number 4 is the Dictionary!

I’m not sure if my future Galaxy Tab 8.9 has this pre-installed. But since I want to discover/use lots of exotics words, I’ll need this especially when I’m writing my posts. 😛

Number 3 is the Talking Tom Cat Free

I saw this on my team mate’s android phone, and it made me laughing all the time. Well, I guess this would make my stress out of the way while talking to myself. You guys should really try this.

Pinoy Henyo got the number 2 spot for me

Eat Bulaga-inspired game has already reached the world of android, and certainly every Filipino loves this game! And the good thing about this game, it’s 100% free and got 4.7 customer ratings.

And #1 on my list is the Camera360

I love photography and I love lots of effects. All I could say is that this app here has it all. You just have to pay for the added effects if you’re not that satisfied with the free version.


You may click on the names of the application to know more about it.



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  1. state abbreviations

    good idea im gonna try it

    02/01/2012 at 10:21 PM

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