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During The Hibernation – Enchanted Kingdom

I mentioned previously that we went to Enchanted Kingdom when I celebrated my 26th 23rd birthday. I was with Warner, his girlfriend Vermisse and my Hub Andrei.

The fun part I experienced there is when I was able to capture our space shuttle ride on video. It was totally and extremely heart-stopping.

Watch, watch, watch!


Hear those cry baby shouts? Unfortunately, that was Andrei’s. He loved the ride, though. It’s just that he could not afford to have an awesome sounding shout. Haha~

Anyway, the whole EK getaway went well and became memorable for me. We were able to experience every ride (except the paid ones), plus it was my first time to experience firework display on my birthday. It was just every tiring because we were there from opening to closing, add to that the waiting time when we took our tickets via Ensogo booth. Even though, that was the coolest birthday I’ve ever had so far.



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