Lyrics and Poetry

My 2011 Christmas

Moving on, I really had a blast this Christmas even though my 13th month pay is still damn delayed. My family and I were okay now after they’ve discovered that I have a relationship with Andrei. In fact, after several months, I went home and Christmas became our mini family reunion. This made everyone, including my grandmother, happy after all.

Take a look at these pictures:


This is the whole gang with our wacky pictures. Haha~! I miss taking pictures with my family, and this is what I really do.

We exchange gift, of course. And thankfully, they were happy on the gifts I’ve got for them. As for me, I’ve got a new tumbler – perfect for my collection – and a couple of room decor with inspirational messages; I gave the other one to Andrei.

Many good things happened. I was a able to buy some of my new friends their gift, I had party with my fellow at i-Tech Vertical Horizon, and also I enjoyed Christmas shopping even though I had been slashing everything in my savings account.

This year’s Christmas was totally fun.


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