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Camera App For Android Tablets & Phones

Using the Camera360, an android app, I found the effect that I want for my photos. Take a look at these: (click images to see actual size)

You know how I love striking a pose in front of the camera. The Camera360 effects make me love my picture more. And you’ll see more of these pictures on my previous post and my future ones.

Camera is one of the most useful functionalities on phone for me, because with that feature I can express my artistic side and the way I want to see myself and our world. That’s why quality is very important every time I click the shot. Thankfully, Galaxy Tab 8.9 has 3.15 mega pixel, enough to have quality photos and videos on the roll.

I explore more effects using Camera360, and the tool that captures my photo tastebud is the combination of Lomo and frame effect. Check this out:

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Tab Blog: Time-eater Android Games

My everydays became absolutely cool when I’ve got this tab. I enjoy photography, reading ebooks and playing online games. But the highlight of my tab enjoyment are the games that took mostly of my time, and these are: the smurf, dungeon defenders and zenonia 3.

These 3 are free at the android market. They belong to the top games as well. I found them addictive, not because they are free apps, but they’ve simply got what I like.


The smurf is more like, or actually, the one you’ve seen on facebook. The gameplay is to simply build your very own smurf town, wherein the smurf could live, farm and have fun. It’s like farmiville with the touch of our little blue elves friends. The only difference is that you get to enjoy the mini-games and activities granda smurf and the other smurf villagers have in-store.

It fun and very entertaining. And although it’s a dead-time killer, you don’t have to sit with it the whole day because it has alert options that give you “buzz” when it’s already harvest time. I haven’t sync this to my facebook account yet, but I would try it once I’m done setting up the town design I want.
Next one is the Zenonia 3. It became part of my top 7 android apps that I’ve posted before because it’s really good and I love MMO games. Althout the graphics is not that good like any other game, I don’t feel any regret on downloading this game, and for sure other gamers would agree that it has a fantastic story line. It has a great line up of quests, which can help you level up and make your character stronger. And also, controls are very superb, although sometimes the UI controls are moving unnoticely, but you can costumize and bring it back to its default places. The good thing about this games is that, I haven’t encountered any major bugs yet, and hopefully it’d run smooth until the game finishes. I’d like to recommend this for those who want a good MMO/adventure game.



Lastly is the Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave. I discovered this game on the top apps for tablets. And as I’ve said, it’s for free! The downloading part is quite fast, however, the first patch is will take a bit of your time, depending on the speed of your internet connection. The game requires internet connection if you want to play with the other folks online. Moreoever, it has a solo game wherein you can train your characters and acquire skills. Solo game doesn’t need internet connection. You can choose from 4 amazing characters. Amazing graphics will allow you experience fun and unique adventures, which will make you feel like you’re playing world of warcraft. This game is very outstanding and perfect for those who loves playing with strategies and brain twisting adventures. You may check the videoz and revies of the game by clicking this link.

Anyways, I’ll be downloading more games that best suit my Galaxy Tab 8.9 on androis market. I’ll keep you posted on what’s the best for me. See you on my next posts! Xoxoxoxo


What the…? This is what I see when I opened wordpress to read some fresh posts today.

And in a few hours from now, Facebook,  Twitter, including the Wikipedia will be censored from the eye of the public. Why is this happening? Well, blame the U.S. Congress Protect IP Act (PIPA) H.R. 3261 a.k.a. Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

This will hinder most of us from reading public info that’s written in English; that includes everything in Google, Yahoo, NYTimes and videos on Youtube.

Imagine life without this? F*ck the hell! I hope the US congressman who created this bill knew what he’s trying to implement.

I’ve already signed in the online petition, helping our US protesters to stop this bill. And hopefully, all luck is with them. Because as a blogger, this is the most stupid idea I’ve encountered in my whole online life, and this should not be the way they stop online piracy.

If you want to join the petition, simply visit the following links below:

Hope we could get your support to this…





Manila Once Again — Quiapo, Intramuros & National Museum

I still don’t have a job right now, and I’m not planning to look for one until March. I just want to spend my time just relaxing and going to different places here in Luzon, but not too far from Metro Manila and Rizal.

Just like this January 14th and 15th, I started my adventure when I went home in Manila with Drei and Lorein (Drei’s cousin).

First, we went to Quaipo, the place where the Black Nazarene is, to pray and wish for some things.

After that, we went to my birth place, Tondo. We had some party-party there and celebrated the Sto. Nino de Tondo Festival.

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At Last My Galaxy Tab!

Well, it was September when I decided to buy Galaxy Tab instead of iPhone. However, I went through a lot of delays, which I shared to you in the past few blogs, that’s why I were able buy it only this January of 2012.

Thanks for being kicked out of from the job and the money I’ve got from the company that’s the reason why I have now my much awaiting gadget, the Galaxy Tab 8.9.

I chose Galaxy Tab 8.9 because, aside from its perfect size and adobe flash, it has a lot of features that fits my needs. I can blog, check FB and Twitter and other websites, take pictures with many rich effects, and of course play cool games. I’m not saying that iPhone/iPad doesn’t have those features. It’s just that I find Galaxy Tab 8.9 almost perfect.

I have already downloaded everything I listed on my Top 7 apps, and am enjoying it especially the fruit ninja and camera360. I have downloaded some ebooks as well, and Percy Jackson currently took my interest.

I’m planning to download more, but I can’t decide which is which. Perhaps, I need to stay more on Android Market, in that way I could get a new list of top apps to download.


Good Year Starter!

I was reading this old Reader’s Digest issue because of one thing…

…I don’t have a job anymore.

Long bloody reason if I’m gonna discuss it here. But to give you a hint, let’s thank the global recession for giving me a long vacation.

Right now, I could say that I enjoy life far from the rush hour traffic and other BS on the streets. I started the day right with a prayer and a kiss to my Hubby. I’m not planning to look for a job yet, because shopping is on top my priority. Perhaps, I’ll start opening my Jobstreet account after a month, and hopefully, I’d find a better one.

As we speak, my hubby and I went to SM San Lazaro and guess what I’ve bought… Well, you’ll find it out on my next post. But aside from buying that thing, I talked to my brother about my status, hoping that they would understand if I won’t give them money. I just promised them that I would give money as soon as I get a part time job.

Hmmm…I’m excited for my next post.