Lyrics and Poetry

Good Year Starter!

I was reading this old Reader’s Digest issue because of one thing…

…I don’t have a job anymore.

Long bloody reason if I’m gonna discuss it here. But to give you a hint, let’s thank the global recession for giving me a long vacation.

Right now, I could say that I enjoy life far from the rush hour traffic and other BS on the streets. I started the day right with a prayer and a kiss to my Hubby. I’m not planning to look for a job yet, because shopping is on top my priority. Perhaps, I’ll start opening my Jobstreet account after a month, and hopefully, I’d find a better one.

As we speak, my hubby and I went to SM San Lazaro and guess what I’ve bought… Well, you’ll find it out on my next post. But aside from buying that thing, I talked to my brother about my status, hoping that they would understand if I won’t give them money. I just promised them that I would give money as soon as I get a part time job.

Hmmm…I’m excited for my next post.



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