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Manila Once Again — Quiapo, Intramuros & National Museum

I still don’t have a job right now, and I’m not planning to look for one until March. I just want to spend my time just relaxing and going to different places here in Luzon, but not too far from Metro Manila and Rizal.

Just like this January 14th and 15th, I started my adventure when I went home in Manila with Drei and Lorein (Drei’s cousin).

First, we went to Quaipo, the place where the Black Nazarene is, to pray and wish for some things.

After that, we went to my birth place, Tondo. We had some party-party there and celebrated the Sto. Nino de Tondo Festival.

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And then, together with my best friend Ryan, we also roamed half of Intramuros and National Museum.

It was very tiring but all worth it and fun. We just treated ourselves with Dinner at Chicken Company at SM Manila, Food Court. I wish to do this at least once a month, to be a tourist inside my own country. And we’re planning to another place at the end of the month, perhaps on Andrei and I’s 1st anniversary.


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