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What the…? This is what I see when I opened wordpress to read some fresh posts today.

And in a few hours from now, Facebook,  Twitter, including the Wikipedia will be censored from the eye of the public. Why is this happening? Well, blame the U.S. Congress Protect IP Act (PIPA) H.R. 3261 a.k.a. Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

This will hinder most of us from reading public info that’s written in English; that includes everything in Google, Yahoo, NYTimes and videos on Youtube.

Imagine life without this? F*ck the hell! I hope the US congressman who created this bill knew what he’s trying to implement.

I’ve already signed in the online petition, helping our US protesters to stop this bill. And hopefully, all luck is with them. Because as a blogger, this is the most stupid idea I’ve encountered in my whole online life, and this should not be the way they stop online piracy.

If you want to join the petition, simply visit the following links below:

Hope we could get your support to this…






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