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Tab Blog: Time-eater Android Games

My everydays became absolutely cool when I’ve got this tab. I enjoy photography, reading ebooks and playing online games. But the highlight of my tab enjoyment are the games that took mostly of my time, and these are: the smurf, dungeon defenders and zenonia 3.

These 3 are free at the android market. They belong to the top games as well. I found them addictive, not because they are free apps, but they’ve simply got what I like.


The smurf is more like, or actually, the one you’ve seen on facebook. The gameplay is to simply build your very own smurf town, wherein the smurf could live, farm and have fun. It’s like farmiville with the touch of our little blue elves friends. The only difference is that you get to enjoy the mini-games and activities granda smurf and the other smurf villagers have in-store.

It fun and very entertaining. And although it’s a dead-time killer, you don’t have to sit with it the whole day because it has alert options that give you “buzz” when it’s already harvest time. I haven’t sync this to my facebook account yet, but I would try it once I’m done setting up the town design I want.
Next one is the Zenonia 3. It became part of my top 7 android apps that I’ve posted before because it’s really good and I love MMO games. Althout the graphics is not that good like any other game, I don’t feel any regret on downloading this game, and for sure other gamers would agree that it has a fantastic story line. It has a great line up of quests, which can help you level up and make your character stronger. And also, controls are very superb, although sometimes the UI controls are moving unnoticely, but you can costumize and bring it back to its default places. The good thing about this games is that, I haven’t encountered any major bugs yet, and hopefully it’d run smooth until the game finishes. I’d like to recommend this for those who want a good MMO/adventure game.



Lastly is the Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave. I discovered this game on the top apps for tablets. And as I’ve said, it’s for free! The downloading part is quite fast, however, the first patch is will take a bit of your time, depending on the speed of your internet connection. The game requires internet connection if you want to play with the other folks online. Moreoever, it has a solo game wherein you can train your characters and acquire skills. Solo game doesn’t need internet connection. You can choose from 4 amazing characters. Amazing graphics will allow you experience fun and unique adventures, which will make you feel like you’re playing world of warcraft. This game is very outstanding and perfect for those who loves playing with strategies and brain twisting adventures. You may check the videoz and revies of the game by clicking this link.

Anyways, I’ll be downloading more games that best suit my Galaxy Tab 8.9 on androis market. I’ll keep you posted on what’s the best for me. See you on my next posts! Xoxoxoxo


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