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More Lomography via Tab

After the food I ate, I’ll feature some pictures of the places I’ve been. Well, it just around Makati city, the place where my work is at. I chose these spots as my subjects simply because I’ve never been to other places since my last trip in Tondo. (Click the images for larger view)

I still use the Lomo effect of Camera360 for Android, except for the Rainbow photo in which I used the Colorful effect. I took these shots during my break on my Saturday shift — you’d see me snapping shots at Salcedo Park or at our Pantry’s windows.

This guy below here? Well, I don’t know him. I just found it cool to take stolen shots of him while he was walking his dog. To be honest, this became a controversial photo on my facebook account. Nyahaha~!

Well, that’s all folks. Next time, I’ll try to make it more of a masterpiece.  Hopefully, someone could teach me.



Lomography via Tab

Got addicted to the lomo effect of Android’s Camera360. I ain’t professional but every shot made became almost like one. It already became my hobby in the past few weeks. But I ain’t going to do this to earn money. Let’s start with the food and drinks I recently had: (click to make the images larger)

Those are Cherry-Kiwi Soda, Pesto macaroni and chicken pesto spaghetti with garlic bread from Pizzahut. Superb although the pasta are bit oily.

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Flyff Turn Over

Who says I’m already out of the Flyff game? Perhaps you’re right. I’m actually in the middle of this busy-ness that’s why I would like to admit that I don’t have time for MMO games (desktop/laptop-based games) for now. Hence, my characters in different MMO are in great hibernation. I still love MMORPG. But just like the Andy-letting-go-of-Woody story of Toy Story 3, I need to focus first to my top priority, which is my work and business. I need to let go of these games for a while.

If you’re to ask me, what shall I do with my characters? Well, I will never terminate them, I will just let someone else take care of them, and I chose my friend, Mark.

Mark was my schoolmate during high school, and I met him long time ago through one of my best friends, Helennie. Moreover, he’s one of the reasons why I play Flyff. He actually asked me a couple of times if I could give him my Flyff account and I was hesitant because I valued my characters a lot, especially Ejomlexus. But since I’ve got no choice and I don’t have stable internet connection in Antipolo and my brother is currently busy because he’s already graduating this March, I really have to let them go.

It was really hard for me. But it’ll be more hard for my feelings if I ain’t gonna let them be one of the strongest characters in Flyff world. I just asked Mark to give some screenshots so I can see what’s going on. Here are some:

Well, I was surprised! Ejom has evolved after a couple of days I lend her to Mark. I guess I should not regret that I gave them to my friend. I’m thinking right now to continue the chronicles. Mark will be the player and I’ll be the writer. Not a bad idea, eh?

So there it goes…

With regard to my Granado Espada account, well, that’s a different story. It would take a lot of years before I could decide whether I’ll let someone play it or I’ll just wait to have desktop at home. Right now, it’s enough for me to see my Flyff characters in good.

Mark, please take care of them!


Dungeon Defenders — Defeating a Boss All By Myself

Defeating a boss with the whole team? Yes, that’s my game! But a solo fight with a boss? You’ve got to be kidding.

Well, I am not a hell like this toon from world of warcraft, who has the gut to kill the Lich King all by himself.

Never will I have the gut to dream of it, although I can do it all by myself only if I want a fanatic suicide — you know, just to see how a boss looks like. Moving forward, I never thought I could. Everyone knows from the beginning that I am only a kiddo in MMORPG whose role is always the bait of the team. Never you’ll see me become the commander or the one-man heroin to put the head of the boss right under my foot. It’s just a coincidence that I managed to kill a giant monster all by myself in the game ‘Dungeon Defenders: second wave’.


Actually, during the game, I was having difficulty on defending my crystal from the lil mosters and ogre and archers. But I was able to finish it with all my towers blinking in red. Meaning, they were in danger of being destroyed. And since the bonus boxes just gave me a few mana, most of my towers were left unrepaired. Plus, I couldn’t create new ones because I run of self mana too. And, when the boss came in, all I needed to do was to ask guidance from heaven and accepted the fact that I was only there to see the boss. And then, the game started.

The boss didn’t see me.




I don’t know if it was just my lucky day or my character was just too small or weak for him to pay an attention. Therefore, while he was busy poking my towers to death, I kept on striking him at the backstage until I saw his health bar blinking critical. And when he was done, I was able to give him a final blow with my super charged strike. And whoala, boss is a future zombie!

I was thinking, what if I changed the difficulty to a higher level. I don’t know if I’m still going to have the same luck. Well, perhaps I should give it a try. But for Ienjoy the victory. Nyahaha!


Breakfast…Heavy Breakfast!

I woke up earlier than the usual. I dreamed of food last night, which made me super dooper hungry today. And the food I immediately craved for was the Lucky Me Pancit Canton. Hence, as I wait for Andrei from work, I cooked a couple of packs for my breakfast since it was very easy to prepare.

I just boil the noodles, mixed the seasonings all together on the serving plate, and then put it together.And whoala!




Pancit canton’s aroma woke everybody in the house, which made them hungry as well. So I invited them to eat with me. Andrei’s Mom cooked some spicy ham as well, however, it didn’t come good with pancit canton. Sorry Mom! We still dig it both, though.

My food cravingsdidn’t stop there though. I crave for more breakfast, that’s why I went to starbucks and had my all-time favorite meals — cinnamon roll and dark mocha. Good thing, the starbucks near the Antipolo church is already open, and it’s just a walk from our subdivision, enough to pay them a visit. Andrei was already sleeping at home therefore I went there alone. I was not supposed to be drinking any kind of beverages from starbucks right now as part of my healthy-living plan, but since my hunger made every rules and regulations null and void, all I can do is to follow my stomach.   And there you have it…my appetite! No wonder why I’m gaining weight right since Christmas. Later, I’ll check what Tita Daisy prepared for our lunch.See yah!