Lyrics and Poetry

Breakfast…Heavy Breakfast!

I woke up earlier than the usual. I dreamed of food last night, which made me super dooper hungry today. And the food I immediately craved for was the Lucky Me Pancit Canton. Hence, as I wait for Andrei from work, I cooked a couple of packs for my breakfast since it was very easy to prepare.

I just boil the noodles, mixed the seasonings all together on the serving plate, and then put it together.And whoala!




Pancit canton’s aroma woke everybody in the house, which made them hungry as well. So I invited them to eat with me. Andrei’s Mom cooked some spicy ham as well, however, it didn’t come good with pancit canton. Sorry Mom! We still dig it both, though.

My food cravingsdidn’t stop there though. I crave for more breakfast, that’s why I went to starbucks and had my all-time favorite meals — cinnamon roll and dark mocha. Good thing, the starbucks near the Antipolo church is already open, and it’s just a walk from our subdivision, enough to pay them a visit. Andrei was already sleeping at home therefore I went there alone. I was not supposed to be drinking any kind of beverages from starbucks right now as part of my healthy-living plan, but since my hunger made every rules and regulations null and void, all I can do is to follow my stomach.   And there you have it…my appetite! No wonder why I’m gaining weight right since Christmas. Later, I’ll check what Tita Daisy prepared for our lunch.See yah!




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