Lyrics and Poetry

Lomography via Tab

Got addicted to the lomo effect of Android’s Camera360. I ain’t professional but every shot made became almost like one. It already became my hobby in the past few weeks. But I ain’t going to do this to earn money. Let’s start with the food and drinks I recently had: (click to make the images larger)

Those are Cherry-Kiwi Soda, Pesto macaroni and chicken pesto spaghetti with garlic bread from Pizzahut. Superb although the pasta are bit oily.

Click Click Click to read more…


(Red Ribbon’s Oreo Cake — my Valentine’s gift for Hub)

This is the coolest love doughnut (from Kripy Kreme) I’ve ever since. Thanks to my officemates who bought it!

(Tokyo-tokyo’s American Maki and Red Tea)

Lastly, condiments and desserts from Chik-Boy.

I talked to a professional photographer and he said I should focus more on the details. I was not sure what he meant by that, but he told me my works was not bad for beginner. He, in fact, told me that I could join the mobile phone photography competition for amateurs, which is what I’m looking forward to join. I think I will submit one of these pictures.


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