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More Lomography via Tab

After the food I ate, I’ll feature some pictures of the places I’ve been. Well, it just around Makati city, the place where my work is at. I chose these spots as my subjects simply because I’ve never been to other places since my last trip in Tondo. (Click the images for larger view)

I still use the Lomo effect of Camera360 for Android, except for the Rainbow photo in which I used the Colorful effect. I took these shots during my break on my Saturday shift — you’d see me snapping shots at Salcedo Park or at our Pantry’s windows.

This guy below here? Well, I don’t know him. I just found it cool to take stolen shots of him while he was walking his dog. To be honest, this became a controversial photo on my facebook account. Nyahaha~!

Well, that’s all folks. Next time, I’ll try to make it more of a masterpiece.  Hopefully, someone could teach me.



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