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Death Can Only Close Jealous Eyes

I don’t know why I’m feeling this over
And over until I cry.
I can’t breathe, I can’t sleep
Just the way others are doin’.
I trust but I think it’s not enough.

Why do I always doubt
Even though I have all his hands?
I can’t grow, I can’t move
The way other simply smile.
I beg God to stop this hurt inside.

I hate when I see him with you.
I hate when he’s there where I supposed to be.
You’re all I’ve ever had.
You’re all I’ve dreamed.
Oh, I wish there was another way
Coz death can only close jealous eyes.

I miss the days when I was young
When worries were gone instantly
I shouldn’t have let go of that feeling
I’m afraid, I regret
I can’t go back to those days

I hope I was always like my mother
Who never fear the darkness of her days
I want, I wish I had a heart like her
Who learned to move on
And leave it in a prayer.

I hate when I see him with you.
I hate when he’s there where I supposed to be.
You’re all I ever had.
You’re all I’ve dreamed.
Oh, I wish there’s another way
Coz death can only close jealous eyes.



Bad Hair (Salon) Day!

I go to salon because of one reason, and that’s to see something new about me. Every time, I walk into their door I always expect that I will always have a new look when I come out. Either its a new haircut or hair color, it doesn’t matter as long as people would see the old and the new about my looks.

I felt this before every time I went to Bench Fix Salon at SM San Lazaro, Manila. Aside from the good-looking ambiance of their salon, they always have good customer service and a bunch of hairstylists. From there, I’ve experienced every hairstyles from Emo cut to Boy-next-door hairdo’s. I enjoyed their services, although it’s a bit expensive compare to other local salons. However, I did’t get a chance to go back to that salon since it’s obviously too far from Anitpolo. Yes, I visit Manila from time to time but I never had a chance to go there with Andrei, who’s always with me every time I go out for a haircut. I wish one day, I’d meet my stylist again.

These times, my haircut satisfaction doesn’t always hit 100%. Yeah, the haircut has dirt cheap price — Imagine from Php185.00 to 38.00 I pay for a hiarcut, not bad eh? — but it’s not always worth it. I had my hair dyed a month ago, but my hair went dry. I needed to buy expensive shampoos and conditoner just to repair it. Plus, the styles were never the same. Well, here’s a proof, my before and after photo. See if you notice any differences:



I just woke up on the first picture, and I still looked just like I woke up on my second one. It looked like nothing has changed. Well, the before looks more fresher than the new, that’s what I noticed.

Another thing I hate about the salon I’ve been to is that when they made me walk out of their salon with Mcdonalds’s hairdo. They gave me this kind of excuse, “I’m sorry, sir, we don’t have hair wax in stock”. I was like, “Whoaaaaa!?” Was it my responsibility to bring my own hairwax or hair spray or shampoo? They are salon, they should have at least a pack of those things. And as far ad I know, those are the basics. Hmmmm… Now, I know why I only had to pay Php38.00, because hairwax is not included. Hahaha!

It made me wonder why people still go after of their services. I don’t want to mention their Salon name, but to give you a clue: they have colourful employees. Haha! That’s it!


Magnum Ice Cream Craze

There’s a craze growing in the market these days. It’s not about a mall’s clearance sale and it ain’t about the latest episode of American idol. To tell you what, it’s all about an ice cream on stick called Magnum.

I ain’t really a fan of ice cream on stick. But with this ice cream, nom-nom-nom I’d go crazy. Well, not that crazy.


I became interested of Magnum because it’s the word of mouth of everybody. My friends talk about it. My officemates talk about it. Even the jeepney and cab driver talk about it. And the craze doesn’t stop only here in the Philippines; it’s world wide. That’s why to know what they’re talking about, I’d tried one.

Actually, Magnum has 3 flavors so far here in the Philippines: classic, chocolate truffles and almond. But if I’m going to refer to the list there’s actually more than 30 flavors. And for everybody’s information, it was 1987 when Uniliver started selling this delactable ice cream on stick. I’ve chose the almond flavor for my first try. And to tell you, I was pretty impressed especially with the belgan chocolate coating. I feel like eating cadberry or toblerone. It doesn’t melt fast like any other ice cream, which is what I like.


I talked to Andrei’s cousin via Skype, and she was enjoying Magnum too. Unfortunately, the Mochaccino is not available here at the moment. I will just try the other flavors just to get the experience.


Wacko-wacko Look-A-Like

There’s a new Teleserye craze on ABS-CBN channel 2 that features a lovable and cute little monster named Wacko-wacko. Kids, for sure, are starting to love it, especially the story is filled with laughter, adventure and a bit of drama.

However, I can’t seem to separate its look from some cartoon characters. First, I find Wacko-wacko very similar to the friendly Star Wars buddies, Ewoks. Perhaps because of the facial fur and the color.

Then, when I watched on silver screen and I saw the rolling commercial, I also found him similar to Lorax — but way to far because of the graphics.

Lastly, no offense, Wacko-wacko seems to be the long lost family of pedobear. LOL!

But no matter what, he is still adorable. I just hope he could beat the magical egg from GMA 7 named Iglot. I’m thinking if ABS-CBN is planning to create some sort of fan toys. We’ll see…


New iPad – Yehey!

I considered buying Galaxy Tab 8.9 because of the high resolution screen, good camera pixels, fast browsing speed, texting and 3g capabilities and, of course, its adobe flash 11. But before that, I was really planning to buy an iPad 2. I just got disappointed with the specs, particularly the camera pixels, that’s why I ended up to my first choice.


A couple of days ago, I mentioned to you that a friend of mine told me that a new iPad was going to be released yesterday. And to tell you, I got really excited to see it on the Apple store hence, this post.

I’ve visited Apple’s official site, and might as well some reviews, to know the highlights of this new iPad generation. And just as I expected, I’ve seen a lot of improvements on the feartures I was looking before.

The Camera: From VGA to 5MP? That’s not a joke to capture greater and clearer still images. iSight camera is just another plus for narcissitic people (like me!) and those fan of image blogging. It has auto-focus just like my Galaxy Tab. But not to mention, it can capture 1080p HD videos.

Graphics fluidity: Talking about great images and videos, tabs should have good graphics too in order appreciate those cool megapixels. Thanks to the quad-core graphics of iPad brought by its A5x processor, you’ll surely have great time viewing everything on your screen, that includes the full graphics games and other stuff that needs flashy images.


The Retina Display: Great for those who are having hard time viewing zoomed things in the previous generations, iPad has now 4x times more pixels, giving you razor-sharp texts and richer colors. With 2048×1536 resolution, you’ll see every details of the images on the 9.7 inch screen without getting blurred and consuming the original battery life which is 9-10 hours.

And lastly, the 4G LTE coonection: Yeah, faster connectivity than the old one gives you more time to surf the 200,000 plus apps and millions of websites.

Obiously, the new iPad gives kick on its visual feature, turning its weakspots into a superb and blasting reason why you should own one. Another good news is that it’s still at $499…I’m just waiting for the price to come out in the philippine market.  


Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave — Boss no. 2

I didn’t know Drei is already very good at Dungeon Defender. Although he has a characterr of his own in my account, I just couldn’t believe that he’ll finish a round with flying colours using my character. Just a couple of nights ago, he played with my charater and defeated a new boss – Goblin Mech. Well, I was the one who set up the towers, but I paused the game for a while and went to “the John”. When I came back, I saw him playing it. Good thing, he knew that I’m blogging such game scenarios, therfore, he took a lot of SS (screenshot). Thanks, Hubb!

According to him, it was a close range monster. Big damage when he caught you with his double sword arms. He didn’t notice the machine’s weakness or his game strategies, all he knew is that he kept on shooting it until it died.



I tried to redo the game with a higher difficulty but, unfortunately, I died a couple of times. Yeah, he was right — blasting damage when he caught you cornered. But I found out that you have to hit on the goblin who controls the monster machine to give him a larger damage. I guess, I just need to increase my level a bit to kill this monster in insane mode.

By the way, off topic, someone mentioned to me that tomorrow Apple will be releasing or presenting the iPad 3. I’m excited to see it, I just hope this isn’t a super advance April fool’s day news.

That’s all folks.