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Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave — Boss no. 2

I didn’t know Drei is already very good at Dungeon Defender. Although he has a characterr of his own in my account, I just couldn’t believe that he’ll finish a round with flying colours using my character. Just a couple of nights ago, he played with my charater and defeated a new boss – Goblin Mech. Well, I was the one who set up the towers, but I paused the game for a while and went to “the John”. When I came back, I saw him playing it. Good thing, he knew that I’m blogging such game scenarios, therfore, he took a lot of SS (screenshot). Thanks, Hubb!

According to him, it was a close range monster. Big damage when he caught you with his double sword arms. He didn’t notice the machine’s weakness or his game strategies, all he knew is that he kept on shooting it until it died.



I tried to redo the game with a higher difficulty but, unfortunately, I died a couple of times. Yeah, he was right — blasting damage when he caught you cornered. But I found out that you have to hit on the goblin who controls the monster machine to give him a larger damage. I guess, I just need to increase my level a bit to kill this monster in insane mode.

By the way, off topic, someone mentioned to me that tomorrow Apple will be releasing or presenting the iPad 3. I’m excited to see it, I just hope this isn’t a super advance April fool’s day news.

That’s all folks.



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