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New iPad – Yehey!

I considered buying Galaxy Tab 8.9 because of the high resolution screen, good camera pixels, fast browsing speed, texting and 3g capabilities and, of course, its adobe flash 11. But before that, I was really planning to buy an iPad 2. I just got disappointed with the specs, particularly the camera pixels, that’s why I ended up to my first choice.


A couple of days ago, I mentioned to you that a friend of mine told me that a new iPad was going to be released yesterday. And to tell you, I got really excited to see it on the Apple store hence, this post.

I’ve visited Apple’s official site, and might as well some reviews, to know the highlights of this new iPad generation. And just as I expected, I’ve seen a lot of improvements on the feartures I was looking before.

The Camera: From VGA to 5MP? That’s not a joke to capture greater and clearer still images. iSight camera is just another plus for narcissitic people (like me!) and those fan of image blogging. It has auto-focus just like my Galaxy Tab. But not to mention, it can capture 1080p HD videos.

Graphics fluidity: Talking about great images and videos, tabs should have good graphics too in order appreciate those cool megapixels. Thanks to the quad-core graphics of iPad brought by its A5x processor, you’ll surely have great time viewing everything on your screen, that includes the full graphics games and other stuff that needs flashy images.


The Retina Display: Great for those who are having hard time viewing zoomed things in the previous generations, iPad has now 4x times more pixels, giving you razor-sharp texts and richer colors. With 2048×1536 resolution, you’ll see every details of the images on the 9.7 inch screen without getting blurred and consuming the original battery life which is 9-10 hours.

And lastly, the 4G LTE coonection: Yeah, faster connectivity than the old one gives you more time to surf the 200,000 plus apps and millions of websites.

Obiously, the new iPad gives kick on its visual feature, turning its weakspots into a superb and blasting reason why you should own one. Another good news is that it’s still at $499…I’m just waiting for the price to come out in the philippine market.  



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