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Wacko-wacko Look-A-Like

There’s a new Teleserye craze on ABS-CBN channel 2 that features a lovable and cute little monster named Wacko-wacko. Kids, for sure, are starting to love it, especially the story is filled with laughter, adventure and a bit of drama.

However, I can’t seem to separate its look from some cartoon characters. First, I find Wacko-wacko very similar to the friendly Star Wars buddies, Ewoks. Perhaps because of the facial fur and the color.

Then, when I watched on silver screen and I saw the rolling commercial, I also found him similar to Lorax — but way to far because of the graphics.

Lastly, no offense, Wacko-wacko seems to be the long lost family of pedobear. LOL!

But no matter what, he is still adorable. I just hope he could beat the magical egg from GMA 7 named Iglot. I’m thinking if ABS-CBN is planning to create some sort of fan toys. We’ll see…



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