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Magnum Ice Cream Craze

There’s a craze growing in the market these days. It’s not about a mall’s clearance sale and it ain’t about the latest episode of American idol. To tell you what, it’s all about an ice cream on stick called Magnum.

I ain’t really a fan of ice cream on stick. But with this ice cream, nom-nom-nom I’d go crazy. Well, not that crazy.


I became interested of Magnum because it’s the word of mouth of everybody. My friends talk about it. My officemates talk about it. Even the jeepney and cab driver talk about it. And the craze doesn’t stop only here in the Philippines; it’s world wide. That’s why to know what they’re talking about, I’d tried one.

Actually, Magnum has 3 flavors so far here in the Philippines: classic, chocolate truffles and almond. But if I’m going to refer to the list there’s actually more than 30 flavors. And for everybody’s information, it was 1987 when Uniliver started selling this delactable ice cream on stick. I’ve chose the almond flavor for my first try. And to tell you, I was pretty impressed especially with the belgan chocolate coating. I feel like eating cadberry or toblerone. It doesn’t melt fast like any other ice cream, which is what I like.


I talked to Andrei’s cousin via Skype, and she was enjoying Magnum too. Unfortunately, the Mochaccino is not available here at the moment. I will just try the other flavors just to get the experience.



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