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Bad Hair (Salon) Day!

I go to salon because of one reason, and that’s to see something new about me. Every time, I walk into their door I always expect that I will always have a new look when I come out. Either its a new haircut or hair color, it doesn’t matter as long as people would see the old and the new about my looks.

I felt this before every time I went to Bench Fix Salon at SM San Lazaro, Manila. Aside from the good-looking ambiance of their salon, they always have good customer service and a bunch of hairstylists. From there, I’ve experienced every hairstyles from Emo cut to Boy-next-door hairdo’s. I enjoyed their services, although it’s a bit expensive compare to other local salons. However, I did’t get a chance to go back to that salon since it’s obviously too far from Anitpolo. Yes, I visit Manila from time to time but I never had a chance to go there with Andrei, who’s always with me every time I go out for a haircut. I wish one day, I’d meet my stylist again.

These times, my haircut satisfaction doesn’t always hit 100%. Yeah, the haircut has dirt cheap price — Imagine from Php185.00 to 38.00 I pay for a hiarcut, not bad eh? — but it’s not always worth it. I had my hair dyed a month ago, but my hair went dry. I needed to buy expensive shampoos and conditoner just to repair it. Plus, the styles were never the same. Well, here’s a proof, my before and after photo. See if you notice any differences:



I just woke up on the first picture, and I still looked just like I woke up on my second one. It looked like nothing has changed. Well, the before looks more fresher than the new, that’s what I noticed.

Another thing I hate about the salon I’ve been to is that when they made me walk out of their salon with Mcdonalds’s hairdo. They gave me this kind of excuse, “I’m sorry, sir, we don’t have hair wax in stock”. I was like, “Whoaaaaa!?” Was it my responsibility to bring my own hairwax or hair spray or shampoo? They are salon, they should have at least a pack of those things. And as far ad I know, those are the basics. Hmmmm… Now, I know why I only had to pay Php38.00, because hairwax is not included. Hahaha!

It made me wonder why people still go after of their services. I don’t want to mention their Salon name, but to give you a clue: they have colourful employees. Haha! That’s it!



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