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What’s with April???

Technically, it’s April fools’day. I don’t have the intention to go out of the house because I don’t feel like being someone else’s target to be jackassed today. Well, the event is not that being practiced here in the Philippines. But since most of the times, I rub elbows with call-center-oriented people, I’d rather be at home or at starbucks where it’s safe.

Today is also the Palm Sunday. Streets near the Antipolo church are crowded with Catholics who go the church to have their “palaspas” blessed by the priests. It’s an important day for the Catholics because it’s part of their so called lenten season. By thursday, roads will be crowded again because people from different places will offer a sacrificial walk towards the Antipolo church.


photo from Elmer Nocheseda @ Flickr

At the office, adventure continues. Even though this week is considered as holiday and vacation week for the rest of the pinoys, I still have work since the company operates 24/7. Ironically, I am assigned to take care of the afternoon shift — time when most of the people occupy half of the streets during these days. No jeeps, just on their feet. Well, I just hope that it wouldn’t be the reason for me to be late at work. Free food will be served, though — I wish — that’s the best part.

By the way, for Starbucks fan out there, it’s time for you to use your Coupn this April… “Purchas a Starbucks RECYCLED tumbler (any size) and receive a complimentary tall handcrafted beverage on us”. Valid only until the end of the Month. (This is real! Check your planners!)


Enjoy April!



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