Lyrics and Poetry

Antipolo Holy Week

My legs are still tired because of the long walk I’ve been through last Thursday night, after my shift. I was not really planning to join the people for this pentential walk because I just got from work, but I had no choice since walkers had occupied both north and south bound, and no vehicle were allowed to pass through the Ortigas extension (Junction), Tikling (junction of Antipolo, Cainta and Taytay City) and all the way up to Antipolo.

Lots of street food vendors have popped out, that’s why I didn’t get worried about getting hungry or thristy. And, also, 7-11 and other fast foodchains were open along, but they had a box-office lanes, so you would rather buy from the street vendors than to be stock inside there.



I took the oppurtunity to take pictures beside the media and cops, just to have a souvenir of this long walk. Check out how many people were in going up fro Tikling to Antipolo. I was bit scared to take a lot of pics because there might be some snatchers there. You know, my tab is a bit eye catcher.

Lucky these people, they have friends to speak and have fun with, that’s why they didn’t notice how tough the up and down hill drama of the road. As for me, a soloist, I only had this sola bottle as a walking partner.


Bubbly sweat was all over my pits (excuse my french), and my feet had trauma. I enjoyed, though. Never something can replace that experience. But I hope it won’t happen again, unless if I have friends who would join me.



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