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Power of Megapixel – Holy Week

Holyweek was a blast. Although my mood was not that boombastic as the long weekend, I still managed to do some stuff to keep lenten season a bit solemn. What I did is that I put it all in pictures…

You know, pictures are quiet — no sound, no motion.



This chicken here. Well, he was a super model. I got this perfect while he was observing what I’m doing.




Friends also visited us at home. So we had a good time together and been to the church to pray.


Here was a shot from inside an FX (cab). I was on my way home from work.


These two? I know I should’ve got rid of this during the week. But these were my thirst quenchers and I have already asked for forgiveness about this.

To tell you what, I’m still tired because of that long walk. I just drew some stuff on my sketch pad just to make my whole being relaxed.



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