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New Apps Now Available for Android Devices

I’m beginning to look for more fun, free games and apps at Android Market as well as at the Samsung App market. Recently, they just added NFS, Temple Run and, the famous camera app for iPhones, the Instagram. Of course, I have them all now in my list, plus I downloaded some writing and music stuff for additional entertainment.



Need For Speed Shift, from EA, gives you great racing experience that allows you to drive and drift cars by stirring your device. Graphic is close to perfect. But if you’re easy to get sick with lots of motions, this is not adviceable for you.

Personally, I’m a bit senstive when it comes to movement but this one is jusy fine for me. I spend almost two hours for it everyday but I never got dizzy. I saw this on app on James Younghusband’s tweet. I just went curious when I found this on Samsung App store. Besides, Andrei loves racing games that’s why he plays it more than I do.


While Temple Run gives me a rush of adrenaline. It reminds me of the Playstation game called Pepsiman. This game requires your alertness to perform jumps, turns and slides in order to dodge obstacles and escape from the monkeys. I recommend this to those who want exciting rush.


On the other hand, Instagram. I was expecting a lot from this app. I thought it would replace the camera360 on my Galaxy Tab 8.9 but I was wrong. All it does is too edit your photos into limited effects and share it to different social networks including the the instagrams’ website.

Click click click to read more!


Autodesk Sketchbook is a reliable app if you love to do stuff like professional drawing and painting. It isn’t really required to become a professional if you want this app. You can practice all the skills here from shading, coloring or just simply drawing. I, actually, bought a capacitive pen for this app so I can do the swish-swoosh on the sketchpad accurately.



I also downloaded ANote as a additional sketch, but not for drawing. Instead, it’s the one I use for taking down notes and other important things. It’s much better than the Pen Memo, the original notepad of android phones, because it has a larger pad. You’d love this because it has it’s own calculator. This available at the Samsung App store.


And lastly, the Solo Lite. I love composing songs and creating melodies either via piano or guitar. This one gives me a guitar experience that actually makes me feel like I was playing a real guitar. All you have to do is to set the chords you wants and strum. Because of this app, I have made 3 songs of my own.

So there you go. I hope this gave you idea which to download next on your mobile devices. I will be posting more next time.



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